Dr. Kushelew Provides Cosmetic Injectables and Injections in Adelaide, Unley and King William Road

Many people are unsatisfied with the way that their appearance changes as they age. However, a major surgical intervention can be a very invasive, painful procedure. Rather than committing to a costly surgery with extensive downtime, many people will find that cosmetic injections are a better option. Sometimes called a liquid facelift, cosmetic injections are an easy, effective alternative to consider.

As we age, the sub-dermal fat in the face disappears, leaving the skin slack and creating wrinkles and lines in the face. By adding volume and restoring the contours of the face, cosmetic injections can restore your youthful appearance. There are many different options available for cosmetic injections, depending on your goals and needs.

World Renowned Dr. Kushelew is Known for Work with Cosmetic Injections

Dr. Kushelew is renowned for her work with cosmetic injections. Her eight-point facelift injections can completely rejuvenate your entire face. Dr. Kushelew has been doing cosmetic procedures for more than twenty years and leads the field for cosmetic injections across Australia. With six practices across Australia including clinics in Adelaide, near Unley and King William Road, Dr. Kushelew has a clinic location that is convenient for you.

If interested in cosmetic injections, Adelaide patients will appreciate the ease of coming in for a consultation with Dr. Kushelew. At their consultation, Dr. Kushelew will do a complete facial analysis to decide the optimal points for cosmetic injections. For those who don’t want a full facial transformation, several well-placed injections can be used to make subtle, but effective changes to their appearance.

Following Cosmetic Injections, Adelaide Patients Have Little or No Down Time

When considering cosmetic injections, Unley patients may worry about the downtime or side effects. Cosmetic injections have very little, if any, downtime. Patients can expect some minor bruising, localised swelling and possible redness following their procedure. Otherwise, cosmetic injections have an easy recovery process and remain looking great for six to twelve months.

With cosmetic injectables, Adelaide patients will find that cosmetic injections fill facial hollows, lift sagging skin, redefine the contours of the face and add volume to the face and skin. Cosmetic injectables are made from a compound found naturally in the body, which will help to attract hydration in the skin.

The results of cosmetic injections depend on the experience and expertise of the practitioner who administers them. When you consider cosmetic injections King William Road patients should always find a talented practitioner who will create the best possible results for their procedure. Well-placed injections, done by an expert add volume to the face to create subtle, beautiful results that look natural and healthy. With more than twenty years of experience, Dr. Kushelew is world renowned and a leader in the cosmetic injectables industry.

Your face should be your best feature. Bring back your natural beauty and look as young as you feel! With clinics in Adelaide, near Unley and King William Road, Dr. Kushelew also practices across Australia, and will always create the very best results for you. Call today to find out more about cosmetic injections.