NightLase – Snoring & Apnoea Treatment

What is NightLase Snoring and Apnoea Treatment?

NightLase Treatment is a fast, non-invasive and comfortable way of increasing the quality of a patient’s sleep. NightLase lessens the effects of sleep apnoea and decreases the amplitude of snoring through the use of gentle, superficial Er:YAG laser light. No anesthesia is used in this treatment.

How does NightLase Treatment work?

During NightLase treatment laser light heats the tissue, causing tightening of the tissue which leads to a decrease in the sound of the patient’s snoring and a lessening of the effects of sleep apneoa.
The procedure is performed in two simple steps:

The laser light preheats the tissue.

Laser light strengthens the tissue.

Why are Fotona laser systems perfect for NightLase Treatment?

Fotona systems enable a strong yet gentle Er:YAG modality which optimizes the length of every pulse. This mode allows for the superficial penetration of heat into tissue, without damage or adverse effects. It is gentle enough to be used on the sensitive tissue inside the mouth, but strong enough to provide clinically efficacious heating.


A full course of NightLase treatment is comprised of three separate treatment sessions over a six week period. The final result of the treatment has been shown to last up to a year. When the patients or their loved ones notice the effects diminishing, another round of treatment can be performed.

Simple and virtually painless

NightLase has an extremely high success rate in producing a positive change in sleep patterns. Research has shown that NightLase reduces and attenuates snoring and provides an effective, non-invasive way to lessen the effects of sleep apneoa.

NightLase requires no device to be worn during sleep, involves no chemical treatment, and no anaesthesia. It is a gentle and easy way for the patient and their loved ones to regain a good night’s rest.

No changes to lifestyle are required after treatment. A patient may experience very minimal discomfort to the throat the next day.

After the second treatment more than 80% of patients are reporting better than 50% improvement. Average improvement after one treatment session is 45% and after the second session 68% (J. LAHA 2011, Vol.1)

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Further Information

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