Understanding the Health Risks of Snoring and Learning How to Quit Snoring in Adelaide

Because snoring is relatively common, many people who snore on a nightly basis don’t realise the potential long-term health risks that might be associated with their condition. In particular, if your snoring is caused by sleep apnoea—a common sleep disorder where your breathing actually pauses and restarts during sleep—then seeking a ‘quit snoring’ treatment in Adelaide might help to extend your life expectancy.

According to Everyday Health, individuals with sleep apnoea ‘have a 40% greater chance of dying early than their peers.’ When air flow is repeatedly obstructed during sleep, it takes a toll on the body. Because of this fact, sleep apnoea is commonly linked with heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, depression and more. Chronic snoring also tends to impair the quality of sleep, which can lead to fatigue in other areas of your life.

Snoring itself can happen for a variety of different reasons, so it’s important to realise that sleep apnoea is not the only cause. At night, the tissues in your throat—including your tonsils, your soft palate and your uvula—relax. When these tissues relax, they can create a narrow or blocked airway, which can lead to snoring. Sleep apnoea is a disorder in which this narrowing is chronic and repeatedly cuts off airflow altogether. However, everything from drinking alcohol to the common cold can also cause snoring.

If you snore regularly and want to make sure that you nip any potential health concerns in the bud, seeking treatment to help you quit snoring in Adelaide is a smart choice. An especially effective treatment method is called NightLase, which uses a gentle laser to heat the tissues of the throat and tighten them to prevent narrowing of the airway. To learn more about this treatment, call 0425 075 500.