What Is Sleep Apnea and What Treatments Are Available in Adelaide?

If you snore on a regular basis, then you might be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a particular sleep disorder that has to do with irregular breathing. Patients with sleep apnea actually experience stops or pauses in their breathing during sleep—pauses that can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes in length. Some patients with sleep breathing actually stop breathing for short periods on as many as 30 occasions per hour.

Most patients with sleep apnea suffer from the obstructive version of the disorder. In this condition, there is a physical blockage that is directly impairing the person’s ability to breathe during sleep. Usually, the blockage is caused by soft tissue in the mouth, throat or airway. This blockage leads to shallow breathing or no breathing, which can in turn cause snoring or contribute to various other health problems.

One sleep apnea treatment available in Adelaide is called NightLase. This treatment method uses a gentle laser light to heat the tissue in the airway. This heating helps to tighten the tissue and prevent it from collapsing and blocking the airway. As a result, just a few treatment sessions with NightLase can contribute to preventing lapses in breathing and make it possible for sleep apnea patients to get deeper, fuller breaths during sleep. Not only can this treatment cut down on snoring, but it can also minimise some of the health risks that sleep apnea patients may face.

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