Give Your Partner a Good Night’s Sleep; Use NightLase to Stop Snoring in Adelaide

The exact statistical figures will depend on the study you read, but there is no doubt that the over-40 adult population is filled with people who snore. According to one study—a 2005 ‘Sleep in America’ poll from the United States National Sleep Foundation—said that, in over-40 populations, 60% of men and 40% of women snore. Globally, the numbers tend to fall somewhere in that 40 to 60% range.

Snoring is a problem for a variety of different reasons. For one thing, it is often caused by sleep apnoea, which can be linked with other more serious concerns. For another, it can significantly diminish the quality of sleep—not just for the snorer, but also for their spouse or partner. If the snoring is loud enough, it can wake up the whole household.

If you are a chronic snorer and the issue is leaving you groggy and dry-throated in the morning—or if it is taking a toll on your partner’s sleeping habits—then it’s time to find a solution. That solution is NightLase, an effective way to finally stop snoring in Adelaide.

NightLase is a laser treatment designed to help clients in Adelaide stop snoring for good. After just one treatment, NightLase can reduce your snoring by 50%. We typically recommend three treatments to stop your snoring entirely. The rapidity of the treatment means that you, your partner and your family will begin noticing positive results almost immediately.

Don’t let sleep apnoea or chronic snoring hamper your health or keep your loved ones awake at night. Try NightLase and finally find a way to stop snoring in Adelaide.