Tired of Gimmicky or Invasive ‘Stop Snoring’ Treatments in Adelaide? Try NightLase Today

Have you tried ‘stop snoring’ treatments in Adelaide, only to come away disappointed at how ineffective they were? Are you tired of waking up in the morning with a sore and dry throat? Does your spouse or partner consistently complain to you about how your snoring is disrupting their sleep?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the three questions above, then NightLase might be the right option for you. A laser-based ‘stop snoring’ treatment in Adelaide, NightLase targets the tissue of the throat and strengthens it to prevent blockage. By heating the tissue with a laser, it is possible to tighten the tissue and substantially reduce the volume and intensity of snoring.

Often snoring is a symptom of sleep apnoea—a condition where patients suffer from random stops and starts in their breathing during sleep. Perhaps the most often prescribed remedy for sleep apnoea isn’t a medication or treatment procedure, but a device called the CPAP machine. CPAP stands for ‘continuous positive air pressure.’ With this treatment, patients fall asleep with a facial and/or nasal mask, which is in turn connected to a pumping system. The idea behind the CPAP is that it will keep a continuous airflow entering your throat and nose—thereby keeping the airway clear and preventing gaps in breathing.

The issue with the CPAP is that it is invasive and uncomfortable, and can therefore greatly impair quality of sleep by itself. As a result, many patients will stop wearing it out of frustration—even if they need the treatment. For these patients, a ‘stop snoring’ treatment like NightLase might appeal because it is not invasive and yields quick results. Patients don’t even need to go under anaesthesia to receive the procedure.

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