Dr. Kushelew provides expert wrinkle treatments in Adelaide and Unley

As we age, the hallmark signs that we are getting older tend to be the wrinkles and lines that appear around our mouth and eyes. Sometimes called crow’s feet , laugh lines and smile lines, these lines are rarely as cute as their nicknames. As we age, loss of collagen and elastin in the skin cause the skin to remain creased following the contractions of the facial muscles. These lines can often become the some women’s most hated feature, with an industry now dedicated to eradicating them.

Dr. Kushelew Leads the Industry for Wrinkle Treatments

From facelifts to injections, there are a number of methods to consider when you are seeking facial rejuvenation. Meeting with an experienced doctor to determine the best course of action for your needs is a good starting point for anyone considering facial rejuvenation. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Kushelew is a leader in the non-surgical cosmetic industry. Dr. Kushelew practices in six locations throughout Australia, including clinics in Adelaide and Unley.

When looking for wrinkle treatments, Adelaide patients will find a variety of non-invasive options with Dr. Kushelew. To tighten skin overall and recreate the contours that may have been lost to aging, facial filler injections can be used to tighten the face and reduce sagging, loose skin and wrinkles. Dr. Kushelew is renowned for her unique eight-point facelift injections. Specific injections can also be used in more precise locations to spot treat and create subtle reduction and improved facial tone.

Wrinkle treatments can also be done for very precise areas, like the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth. With injections that carefully paralyse specific facial muscles, wrinkles are reduced and prevented from becoming deeper or more pronounced. These injections are best for crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, frown and smile lines and other fine lines and dynamic wrinkles.

Wrinkle Treatment, Adelaide Patients Can Trust to Remove Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that were caused by repetitive movements. As the facial muscles contract and relax, the skin is constantly creasing and moving. Over time, as the collagen and elastin is reduced in the skin, these creases can become entrenched in the skin and may create permanent lines and wrinkles. While reducing these movements can help to reduce and prevent these wrinkles, this can come at the cost of laughing and smiling. With wrinkle treatments, Unley patients will find that the lines in their face are reduced, and their youthful appearance can re-emerge.

Dr. Kushelew has extensive experience with facial rejuvenation techniques and procedures. No matter what type of wrinkle treatments Adelaide patients may be considering, a consultation with Dr. Kushelew will provide them with a unique, facial analysis that will help them to determine their options and find the best treatments for their needs.

Wrinkle treatments have minimal downtime for patients. Following your wrinkle treatment you may experience some redness, minor bruising and localised swelling. The full results of your treatment may not be visible for a couple of days following your procedure. However with minimal recovery time, you can get back to life without worrying about your treatments.