Eight point non-surgical face-lift

Dr Kushelew uses facial fillers to achieve effective, holistic and natural-looking results in facial rejuvenation. She often uses the eight-point lift technique to rejuvenate the entire cheek, mid-face and jawline.

Eight points of rejuvenation

1 & 2 – Outer and Inner Cheek bone: Restore volume and reshape the natural ‘ogee’ curve, the ‘S-shaped’ curve that runs over the cheek bone

3 – Tear trough: Reduce shadowing and depressions under the eyes

4 – Nasolabial folds: Fill the lines that run from the nose to the mouth

5 – Corners of the mouth: Correct the ‘mouth frown’ that can occur when the corners of the mouth turn downwards with age, leading to a sad appearance

6 – Pre-jowl area: Lift the mid-face and counter the appearance of heavy jowls

7 – Jawline: Redefine the jawline, running from under the ears to the chin

8 – Mid face: Add volume and fill the cheeks to counter the hollowness that can occur with ageing

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