Prevent the Signs of Aging with Skin Resurfacing Treatments, At Adelaide and Unley Clinic

As we age, our skin begins to lose a lot of the collagen and elastin that help to keep our skin healthy. However, skin resurfacing treatments can help to boost your natural production of elastin and collagen to help prevent damage and visible signs of aging.

Skin resurfacing is a simple, painless procedure, done with gentle laser treatments. Treatment systems like the Clear + Brilliant system available through Dr. Kushelew, take only minutes to create amazing results. For skin resurfacing treatment, Adelaide patients will have peace of mind, knowing that Dr. Kushelew is the leader in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Preventing the ravages of aging on your skin creates much better results than treating them after the fact.

Dr. Kushelew is an expert in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, based out of Adelaide. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, Dr. Kushelew is world renowned for her cosmetic injection procedures. A leader in the cosmetic industry, Dr. Kushelew consults in six different clinics all over Australia, in addition to her clinics in Adelaide and Unley.

Whether you are considering total facial or skin resurfacing, or you just want to see your options, Dr. Kushelew can provide you with a facial analysis to examine all of your options for treatments. At her skin resurfacing clinic Adelaide patients will find that Dr. Kushelew provides facial fillers, anti wrinkle injections and skin rejuvenation options.

Clear + Brilliant Skin Resurfacing, Adelaide Patients Can Count On

The Clear + Brilliant treatment system uses a gentle laser for skin resurfacing to encourage cell turnover and blood flow to the area for skin health. The gentle laser treatment skin resurfacing lasts between ten and twenty minutes, with the laser being gently run over the skin surface. The treatment helps to smooth the skin’s texture, reduce blemishes and fine lines and improve the beautiful, clear complexion of your skin. When you need skin resurfacing, Adelaide patients will enjoy the gentle, pain-free Clear + Brilliant treatments.

The Clear + Brilliant treatment system is non-invasive and safe. There is no downtime or recovery following the procedure, though not all of the effects will be immediately visible. The laser treatment penetrates deep into skin to kick-start the natural regeneration of your skin with skin resurfacing. Skin will be smoother, more radiant and healthier following the treatment. The treatments increase collagen production and boost blood flow to improve the health of your skin and bring back your youthful experience. For skin resurfacing, Unley patients can count on effective, consistent results from the Clear + Brilliant treatment system.

Dr. Kushelew Leads the Industry for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Dr. Kushelew will help patients to decide which treatments are right for their unique needs. Every patient’s care begins with a total facial analysis to evaluate what is best for each patient. Skin resurfacing treatments can be done in addition to other treatments or on their own. Most patients will see the best results with a series of treatments from the Clear + Brilliant treatment system to help rejuvenate and bring back the health and youthful appearance of their skin.

Whether you need treatments for skin resurfacing, or you need wrinkle relaxers or facial fillers, Dr. Kushelew can help you to rediscover the beauty and youthful look of your face and skin with simple, non-surgical procedures that help to improve the health of your skin and face. With clinics in Adelaide and Unley and consultations all over Australia, Dr. Kushelew can help you today!