‘Beauty Rejuvenated’ in Resident Magazine #16

Dr Kushelew in 'Resident Magazine'

Have your friends commented that you’re looking tired lately? Do you want to regain that fresh, healthy look you once had?

Or do you want to enhance your look?

Dr Kushelew can assist.

Settling in Darwin recently after years of regular consulting visits, Dr Irene Kushelew is one of Australia’s leading practitioners of non-surgical cosmetic medicine, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

Specialising in facial rejuvenation using facial fillers and wrinkle treatments, Dr Kushelew’s treatments may also involve enhancement of lips, cheeks, and eyes for glamorisation and correction of problems such as dark circles or bags under the eyes. As she explains: ‘The changes that occur as we age—such as forehead lines, hollowing of the temples, volume depletion of the cheeks, and loss of definition of the jawline—upset the overall balance and harmony of the face. Rejuvenation and enhancement techniques mimic turning the clock back through restoring balance and symmetry involving each facial area and the underlying support structure, to ensure bone, muscle, volume and skin all act in harmony’.

As many facial lines such as frown lines result from movement and facial expressions, injectable muscle relaxants that work from the inside out can be an effective way of reducing lines. And facial fillers, which are gels made from naturally occurring complex sugars, can be effective at restoring volume. Says Dr Kushelew: ‘There are many treatment options available. Each face is different, and we all age differently, so the needs of each individual are assessed to determine the most appropriate approach, which may be a combination of a number of different complementary treatments’. Dr Kushelew has been a trainer in these techniques for the past 10 years and is known nationally and internationally for her work.

For a professional assessment and advice contact Ella Baché, 9 Fannie Bay Place, Fannie Bay.

Ph: 8981 7400 www.drkushelew.com

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