Dr Kushelew in Resident Magazine #19

Resident Magazine #19

Bringing a wealth of expertise, understanding and passion to her beauty treatments, Dr Irene Kushelew is one of Australia’s leading practitioners of non- surgical cosmetic medicine.

Based in Darwin, Dr Kushelew has developed an international reputation for herself built on her superior work.

An expert in restoring or enhancing natural beauty without surgical procedures, Dr Kushelew is regularly called upon to consult nationally.

Having recently returned from one of the world’s most prestigious anti-aging conferences, the 12th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monte Carlo, Dr Kushelew has witnessed first-hand a range of new techniques in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine, and she is excited.

‘Europe’s very advanced in terms of non-surgical cosmetic medicine,’ she explains, ‘Both in product availability and in the creation of innovative, new techniques.’

One of the latest developments to pique the interest of Dr Kushelew is in the area of hand rejuvenation. With a new generation of facial fillers on the market, the possibilities for smoother-younger looking hands are endless.

Whilst in Monte Carlo, Dr Kushelew was fortunate to be invited to a specialist workshop with Dr Mauricio de Maio – an eminent plastic surgeon from Brazil, who demonstrated how surgical results can be achieved with the use of facial fillers. Inspired, and back home in Darwin after her whirlwind trip, Dr Kushelew is busy putting into practise much of what she’s learnt.


As a founding member of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA) and Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgeons, Dr Kushelew is active within her industry.

With a passion for sharing her insights and discoveries with her peers, Dr Kushelew is involved in training new doctors and nurses in how to deliver non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

‘I really love teaching,’ she explains. ‘I’ve been involved in teaching doctors and nurses in workshop situations, clinics and offering one-to- one training and it’s just so rewarding. Cosmetic medicine is a growth industry, and being able to share what I’ve learnt throughout my career to give others the best possible outcomes is a real joy.’


Dr Kushelew offers a range of solutions to combat the effects of aging, including facial fillers to enhance or replace the body’s natural collagen, and anti- wrinkle micro-injections to treat facial lines.

One of the most sought after treatments at the moment is the Cannula injection technique. This is where a fine needle is used to pierce the patient’s skin, and is then replaced by a cannula which introduces tissue fillers to several sites.

With very little risk of bruising or nerve damage and minimum downtime, the process is fast growing in appeal.

Find out more about Dr Irene Kushelew by visiting one of her clinics.

Darwin – Ella Bache Fannie Bay, 9/9 Fannie Bay Place, Fannie Bay Shopping Centre. Ph: 8981 7400
Alice Springs – Beaute on the Mall, Suite 14 Cummings Plaza, Todd Mall, Alice Springs Ph: 8953 6888

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