Dr Kushelew in The Advertiser

As the Doctor that brought anti-wrinkle injections to South Australia, Dr Kushelew was profiled in the news feature in the Advertiser:

Double chins cut in half by miracle jab

The article describes how as few as two treatments can get rid of a double chin.

The treatment was approved for use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in February and is already approved for use in the USA, Canada and Britain.

The article also describes how the treatment works by breaking down submental fat cells under the chin stopping the body from storing fat there in the future. The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons also warns that only trained practitioners should administer the treatment as without a strong knowledge of facial anatomy there could be serious impacts on other facial features.

Dr Kushelew also comments on the effects that social media and the ‘selfie’ and also how this treatment can positively raise self esteem of some members of our community.

To read the complete article you’ll need to find a copy of The Advertiser or subscribe here.

For complete information on the treatment visit doublechindissolve.com.au.

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