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This year I will…

How our go-to health pros are making 2014 healthy

Dr Irene Kushelew, cosmetic physician and fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery’s faculty of medicine. (drkushelew.com)

The resolution: “I will schedule monthly skin treatments.”

The rationale: You can have anti-wrinkle injections or fillers, but looking after visible skin can make all the difference. One study showed that skin surface topography cues account for a large proportion of variation in facial age perception, whereas skin colour distribution seems to be a stronger health cue. As I have a very busy schedule visiting clinics and teaching around Australia, I need minimum down time, so I’ll go for Dermapen (a technology that uses multiple micro needles to stimulate natural collagen production) or Clear + Brilliant laser (a laser technique to improve tone, texture and radiance). I will also drink more water to counter the effects of all the flying I do. If I don’t book in a monthly treatment, it just won’t happen. I have to believe I deserve it and make the commitment.

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