‘Finally! A treatment to get rid of your double chin’ in Resident Magazine

Resident Mag 2017 Dry

With over 20 years’ experience behind her, Dr Irene Kushelew is always looking ahead to bring the latest developments in the medical cosmetics industry to her practice.

A progressive new treatment to treat the dreaded ‘double chin’ is showing stunning results. This new treatment is the only TGA-listed non-surgical, injectable treatment to significantly improve the appearance of a ‘double chin’ which can be caused by ageing, genetics and weight changes.

‘More women are concerned about a double chin than they are about forehead frown lines and it’s also a major area of concern for many men,’ says Dr Kushelew. ‘Double chins often make us feel older and heavier than what we actually are. That’s why I am thrilled to be delivering this revolutionary new treatment to Territorians.’

The key ingredient in the cosmetic injectable is  a purified synthetic version of a molecule that occurs naturally in the body and aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected below the chin, it helps break down fat cells and results in a more contoured and improved chin profile. Once broken down those fat cells can no longer store fat.

As one of Australia’s most experienced cosmetic injectors Dr Kushelew is meticulously thorough in her pre-treatment consultation, delivery of treatment and post-treatment care.

The treatment is carried out following a thorough facial assessment – this allows us to tailor a treatment program to suit each client’s individual anatomy and circumstances. A treatment program involves a series of at least two separate treatment sessions involving multiple injections. Up to six treatments may be given spaced at least four to six weeks apart. Generally, you’ll see visible results in two to four treatment sessions and once your desired results are achieved these results are maintained for at least four years which is quite remarkable.’

‘Best of all the treatment is completed in the comfort of my treatment rooms and only takes approximately 15-20 minutes per session.’

Dr Kushelew is renowned for her skills in facial rejuvenation and glamourisation. Book your consultation today for customised, long-term solutions.

Darwin: Ella Bache Fannie Bay, 9/9 Fannie Bay Place, Fannie Bay Shopping Centre Ph: 8981 7400.
Alice Springs: Beaute on the Mall, Suite 14 Cummings Plaza, Todd Mall, Alice Springs Ph: 8953 6888. www.drkushelew.com

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Resident Mag 2017 Dry

Resident Mag 2017 Dry