‘Prevention is Better’ – Spa & Clinic Vol 60

Spa & Clinic Vol 60

Australia is at the forefront of aesthetics trends, driven by our sun damage-driven anti-ageing culture.

A TREND THAT has emerged in the last few years gaining ground is making use of preventative non-surgical injecting techniques for maintenance of structural facial support, according to Dr Irene Kushelew, a fellow of the Faculty of Medicine of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS).

“Basically this means treating people at a younger age rather than when structural changes ageing changes are significant,” says Dr Kushelew.

“As we notice minor changes in drooping of the corners of the lip or brow droop we can begin to provide a support to these areas with small volumes of fillers and thereby delay the ageing process.

If it is already severe on presentation it can still be treated but may require more treatment with fillers and larger volumes.

“Also, there have been recent trends involving detailed treatment of specific areas. For example:

  1. Corners of the mouth
  2. Lip border
  3. Upper lip lines
  4. Cupid’s bow
  5. Philtral column (vertical groove in the middle area of the upper lip)
  6. Body of lip

“Likewise, there are specific eye rejuvenation techniques that involve targeting specific points. Together, all these techniques involve much more detailed analysis and treatment of specific areas of the face that can result in an overall aesthetic improvement before radical changes become necessary.”

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