‘The Age of Cosmetics’ in Resident Magazine #20

Resident Magazine #20

Dr Irene Kushelew has two decades’ experience in the medical cosmetic industry, and has brought her skills in facial rejuventation and glamorisation to her clinics across Australia.

Here, Dr Kushelew reflects on the past ten years in her field and the developments that have taken place:

‘One of the main changes I’ve noticed is the age of the patients coming to see me, and I think that that’s happened for a lot of reasons. ‘Ten years ago we had bovine derived injectable collagen, and the treatments – which were mostly line filling – would last about three months. But there wasn’t really the ability to treat the whole face because the products didn’t have the longevity. We were most often seeing older patients and literally treating established wrinkles and lines.

‘More recently we have seen new products come on the market which don’t require skin testing and which last for 12-24 months. So there’s been a dramatic change in the treatment options we can offer.

‘It’s now quite feasible for someone to come in for a line on their upper lip, and decide to add in some eye rejuvenation and some cheek rejuvenation with our natural sugar- based gel fillers, so that we treat the whole face providing continuity throughout.

‘We are seeing younger patients coming through the door as there is a greater awareness of prevention these days. Also, a lot of women are now looking at their mothers and saying ‘I don’t want to go through that process’, and by using small amounts of botox and fillers you can prevent the structural changes that occur over time.’ ‘With older patients we’re doing restoration and rejuvenation and with younger patients there’s been a trend towards glamorisation which is a different way of working.

With lips we no longer simply make them bigger, but look at the surroundings of the lip and figure out how to turn into in a more glamorous looking lip.’

We also have cutting edge new techniques such as the six point periorbital revitalization by Dr Raj Acquilla which changes the entire look of the eye by restructuring the surroundings.’

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