‘The Real Mirror’ in Resident Magazine #21

Conventional mirrors give a negative or reversed reflection and are only two-dimensional. The real mirror features two mirrors placed at 90-degree angles and is made with silver at the front, not the back to give a distortion free image that reflects back 94 percent of light.

“I start every consultation with a 10-15 minute facial analysis using the Real Mirror – it gives clients a much better idea of how their skin is, and what areas can be treated,” says Dr Kushelew. “The ideal facial shape is slightly heart-shaped or oval. Some people have a square facial shape, emphasised by heaviness in the face, which could be caused by sagging due to age or from muscles that clench the jaw, becoming bigger. If clients have a problem with jaw clenching or teeth grinding, this can be easily treated with muscle relaxing injections.

Injections relax the muscles and re-contour the facial shape.” “It’s all about the proportions – the ‘triangle of youth’ – which is an inverted triangle with the point being the chin. As you age, praxis of fat and tissue causes drooping, exaggerating that heaviness along the lower jawline.”

“Another method to make the face look slimmer is using cheek fillers to create the glamorising look of fuller cheeks and a slimmer lower face.” Dr Kushelew is renowned for her skills in facial rejuvenation and glamorisation, with over 20 years’ experience in the medical cosmetic industry. Book your consultation today for tailor-made, long-term solutions.

Dr Kushelew using The Real Mirror

Dr Kushelew uses The Real Mirror, the most accurate mirror ever made and the first ever hand-held positive mirror that shows a three-dimensional view of your skin.

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